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CLIENT:  &OR Collective
Co-founder, Executive Creative Direction

Services :  Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Creative Positioning,  Visual Identity, Creative Direction, Web Design, Product Development, Packaging, Campaign and Content Creation

As much as 15 percent of fabrics are still discarded on the factory floor, 25 percent of garments remain unsold, and less than 1 percent of products are recycled into new garments.


The conception of &OR came at a moment in history when every human on the planet was forced to take a pause and stock of our life’s choices, as the planet indirectly and/or directly screamed at us all to reconsider everything. The year was 2020, when four determined women took a step back to reimagine new ways of being, for industries hurting the planet the most.

Coming out of lockdown we knew no one was ready to forgo their comfy sweats in lieu of a rigid pair of jeans or a stiff client-ready button-up. At the same time we also saw the effects of a gentler footprint on our earth: clearer waters, fresher air, stiller minds, slower living.


The powerful combination of the two was our seed for change: to create clothing designed to be worn from sun up and/or sun down, for the boardroom and/or the bedroom, with ease and/or effortlessness. But more than that, clothes designed to stand the test of time, outlive trends, and not compromise on quality.

The &OR visual identity and tone of voice breathes the brand's ethos into all creative elements with a straightforward openness, confidence, and connection to Earth. Through thoughtful choices in type, colour, and photography our visual language gives &OR's community permission to define their own version of a better life and/or a better planet.


AND/OR: a question inspired by possibility, hope, responsibility, a reckoning. To buy less and/or wear longer. Not an outfit for every occasion, but one outfit for every occasion. To be worn for sun up and/or sun down. For those who stay still and/or go still. A mission to adapt.

We are &OR Collective. A tech-led clothier made for the conscious and contemporary human. Thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle and our planet in mind, our fully recyclable pieces are manufactured to minimize textile waste while maximizing wearability.

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