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CLIENT:  &OR Collective

Services :  Naming, Creative Positioning,  Visual Identity, Art Direction, Product Developement, Web Design, Content Creation

The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions–a staggering truth that calls for a total overhaul of the way we think about clothing and fashion itself.  On top of the industry's effect on the planet, fashion saw a major shift in the way we dress amidst the pandemic and a worldwide work-from-home mandate, calling further for lifestyle changes. &Or Collective launched in 2020 with a mission to shift consumer's perspectives by introducing ADAPTIVEWEAR to the world: clothing made for all your and/or's, with a mind for the planet by focusing on quality over quantity.

Overview: Voyce Studio in collaboration with August Strategy, were brought in by &OR's founders to help navigate the brand's purpose with industry research,  and brand positioning,  which ultimately led to: the brand's name, a focused business mission, brand voice, visual identity, launch creative and a successful seed round of funding.

Our work: 2020 gave us lemons and we mindfully made lemonade by defining an entirely new category of clothing that answers to our new norm–we call it ADAPTIVEWEAR.  Made from start-to-finish in Canada, with all sustainable fabrics and practices, &OR's tight capsule collection intends to be a consumer's complete wardrobe that adapts to whatever your day throws at you. Classic silhouettes, durable, modern, timeless pieces that are versatile, molding to your lifestyle, your needs, your moments.

The &OR visual identity and tone of voice breathes the brand's ethos into all creative elements with a straightforward openness, confidence, and connection to Earth. Through thoughtful choices in type, colour, and photography our visual language gives &OR's community permission to define their own version of a better life and/or a better planet.

Brand launching Spring 2021

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